DCT Summary

Endurance athletes have often had to choose between the quality of having an individualized training program that produces optimal results or group training that offers comradery and motivation but limits your individual development to that of the masses. Durata Training has bridged this divide and developed a whole new way to think about your path to improved fitness through Durata Collective Training (DCT). DCT offers individual training solutions in a group setting, expertly fusing sports science, methodology, experience and an exclusive hands on approach to culminate in real, measured results.

The DCT programs design maintain the benefits of group training while permitting each athlete to have an individually tailored approach. This exclusive design significantly increases your rate and amplitude of improvement all while providing an optimal environment for success. Our DCT programs utilize the same approach that has led Durata Training to be one of the most trusted names in high performance coaching.

DCT includes coach led workouts in which each athlete has slightly different objectives based on their current fitness, unique physiology and rate of progression. These workouts offer an environment for athletes to gain confidence and motivation from one another as they receive hands on coaching feedback within each session.

Please check back often as we will be adding more DCT programs throughout the year and look forward to seeing you at one.

Corporate Setting:

Have a corporate event such as a running race, a charity ride or a triathlon that your company group is preparing for? We can design training for your group as well as provide hands on clinics and presentations that will assure your group makes it to the finish line optimally prepared, healthy and ready to tackle the next challenge. Since each corporate challenge is unique to the event and the company the costs for this program varies please contact us for a proposal request and we’ll work with you to make your next corporate event your most successful!

Additional inquires can be address to Derick Williamson at derick@duratatraining.com