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Durata Athletes Benz, Dille, and Ting Shine

Check out Durata Training Athlete Phil Wikoff’s report of Alan Ting’s win in the September Driveway Series here. Results from The Driveway can be found here.


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Patrick Davis' Driveway Victory Report

After moving to here from Houston, I can say that Austin has definitely exceeded my expectations. The racing is great, the roads are great, and the people are amazing. Oh yeah, and the restaurants are the bomb. Racing in the Driveway Criterium has always been a highlight of my week for the past month. I have always raced in the P123s, but this past Thursday I managed to get out of class early to race in the cat ¾ race also. To say the least, the race was wet, cold, and extremely fun.


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Laura Meichan's 4ft Tall Trophy from Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic

Laura wins her AG category and scored this huge trophy for her efforts. Chapeau, Laura!

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Derick's Austin Tri Race Report and Power File

The Austin Triathlon has quickly become a Labor Day tradition for those in the Central Texas, especially for those in Austin. The crew at High Five Events does a great job with this race, evidence through the race selling out at 2000 participants this year. Last year I was a volunteer for the race but it was time to put the race wheels on and see what was in the tank. I’ve been able to get some consistent training in over the past 6 weeks and was feeling good. The running has been going well, winning a 5k in Canada a few weeks ago with a 14:50, and believe it or not my swim training has been going great! So I had some confidence coming into the race but this was a stacked race and simply breaking the top 10 was going to take a big effort…as it should. […]

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…why NOT race??

Kelly’s Austin Tri Report

After a pretty horrendous week in Canada, and a slow recovery from what I am going to say was Swine Flu so that I will now officially be ‘immune’, I began to feel more like myself this past weekend. Well, I actually started this a few days ago, so now this would be LAST weekend… Labor Day weekend. Derick and I went out for a ride on Saturday and I tried to stay on his wheel for about 15 minutes. Seeing that it did not cook me too terribly bad, I decided… ‘ah, what the hey! I’ll race Austin Tri on Monday!’. I had a hard time not doing this, especially seeing that I was not able to ‘sit back, relax and watch it’ with the extreme fatigue and feelings of elation I had hoped for from the previous weekend (ie: not finishing Canada). So, Sunday at the pro panel, I decided to enter and hope for the best! See what the post-sick body would give me.


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