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Do Simple Well! – By: Derick Williamson

December 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

As the head coach for the USA Paratriathlon Resident Team I get to work with these athletes on a daily basis and something they hear me say quite often is “Do Simple Well”. These are […]

5 Habits of Successful Athletes – by Kelly Williamson

November 17th, 2019|0 Comments

How many of you have sailed through an entire season, strong and healthy, only to have a random injury creep up prior to your goal event? If so, you’re not alone. This happened to an […]

Why try Cyclocross?? – By Dave McIntosh

September 21st, 2019|0 Comments

Mathieu van der Poel, Wout van Aert, Katie Compton….  These names conjure images of the gods of the barriers floating with grace through muddy run-ups… dismounting with precision into a full-on sprint over the obstacles […]

The Art of Self Negotiation…and re-negotiation – By: Derick Williamson

August 6th, 2019|0 Comments

The best athletes in the world have a secret weapon, no it’s not their massive physiological values, their super high end gear or even their superior genetics…it’s their ability to wheel and deal on the […]

Open Water Swimming: 7 Tips for Between the Ears (By: Kelly Williamson)

April 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

THE SWIM. When talking to a triathlete, if they voice a concern over their upcoming race, it is often THE SWIM. Cycling and running are fairly straightforward, require far less technique and despite the obvious […]

Addressing five cycling/triathlon related weaknesses through strength training – By: Dave McIntosh

April 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.“

As a massage therapist and cycling coach working in a physical therapy clinic, these words have always resonated with me. Whether it is just a little […]

Navigating the Nutrition Landmine – By: Kelly Williamson

March 16th, 2019|0 Comments

Keto. Paleo. Vegetarian. Whole 30. Intermittent fasting. Plant-based. Vegan. Grapefruit diet. …OK, maybe that’s an old one… but you get my point. Every time we turn around, there is a new ‘diet’ that seems the […]

Project 13 Dallas: Stronger Together – By: Kelly Williamson

January 10th, 2019|0 Comments

“My one word might be inspiration.  How I choose to live my life is up to me. MS lives with me, I don’t live with MS.  I am now in a situation where I can […]

Lessons from the Long Game – By: Kelly Williamson

December 7th, 2018|0 Comments

~Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.~
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
There are so many qualities that can be valuable to being a successful athlete. Some of the basics include commitment, dedication, perseverance and resiliency; none […]

A Changing of the Seasons – By Kelly Williamson

November 8th, 2018|0 Comments

A Changing of the Seasons
By: Kelly Williamson

“Fall marks the end of producing things (a summer activity) and the beginning of producing insight; as we must have an end before something new may begin.” (David Burger, […]

Athlete Spotlight: Deb ‘Motorhead’ Merritt

October 5th, 2018|0 Comments

I recently spent a few minutes with Deb Merritt, who is part of our current Project 13 group training for the Dallas Marathon and Half. Project 13 is a division of Meat Fight, a nonprofit […]

The Injured Athlete: Yes, I’m Talking to You

September 25th, 2018|0 Comments

If you are now or have ever been an athlete, it’s highly likely that you have gone through some sort of an injury. And if you’re a newbie runner-triathlete-endurance athlete, chances are pretty strong that […]

Athlete IQ: Part 2, Emotion

August 24th, 2018|0 Comments

Learn to control your emotions or they will control you.
(~Edgar Martinez)

The more years I’ve spent in sport (both in the ring and from the sidelines helping others), the more I realize how some of […]