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Longhorn 70.3: A Beautiful Day for Racing

Kelly Williamson’s Race Report from Longhorn 70.3

It is a cold, dreary, rainy Monday morning in Austin today; the morning after Longhorn 70.3. All of those whom competed, spectated and volunteered are probably quite happy that this weather did not hit 24-hours earlier. On the contrary, we lucked out with an absolutely perfect day for yesterdays event of 2500 people.

Derick (husband and fellow racer today!) dropped me off at the lake/swim-to-bike transition at about 5:45, and he then drove himself to the arena to park and take a shuttle. Nice husband he is…he did not get back to the lake (start area) for over an hour! Seeing that my start time was 7:30 AM, I would have been flipping out had I of rolled in there at 7:00. It was a rather dark and chilly (but not cold) morning. In all reality, it was ideal weather. The swim was wetsuit legal for both pros and amateurs, so I put on my sleeveless Zoot  wetsuit around 7:00 and headed to the water. I often opt for sleeveless in any water temperatures above 70-degrees, as I get warm pretty easily. Once the Run Far gang corralled the pros back behind the timing mats, we made our way into Decker Lake for the in-water start promptly at 7:30. […]

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Sleep. The best budgeting you can do.

It’s inevitable as the season draws to a close for most cyclist and triathletes we immediately start looking toward next year and how we’ll do things differently to get better results and reach new levels of personal performance. As coaches we also start reviewing the efficacy of the current season’s training, identifying areas of success and areas in which we feel the athlete could gain that extra advantage next season.

A lot of athletes start asking about gear for the next season. Spurred on by the excitement of new equipment, this bike or that, a new set of wheels or maybe, finally, a power meter (since if you’re a DT athlete there’s no better group to train you with power), racing flats, GPS units, there are always new purchases to be made and budgeting for those is important but is that the best budgeting you can do?

As you start to think about next season, think about the most important budgeting you can do and that’s the budgeting of your recovery, most importantly your sleep. It’s a busy world we live in, family, jobs, social commitments and of course our driven self nature that pushes us to be the best we can be as athletes. A lot of time these priorities start to collide and something has to give, my advice to you practice budgeting for your sleep and recovery, it’ll help. Here is the why and how.


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Weekend results: Longhorn Ironman 70.3, SOMA Half and Others!

Durata Training athletes took to Austin, TX this weekend for the Longhorn Ironman 70.3 race with excellent results.  Some athletes were looking for PR’s, others an opportunity to complete their first 70.3 race.

The course showcased some of the best riding in the Austin area and completed with a 3 loop run course that was either up or down…no in between. […]

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Interview with '08 Tour de Gruene Winner John Korioth

2008 Masters National Road Race Champ John Korioth took a few minutes to let us know how his preparation to defend his crown at the Tour de Gruene with fellow Durata athlete Kevin Kremke is going into the final week before the race. John rode the 2008 race with Lance Armstrong and has spent a good amount of this fall riding with his long time friend. Let’s find out how things are going with College-

David Wenger: Going into the State Road Race, what was your training volume?

John Korioth: My volume was pretty high. Probably around 17 or  18 hours due to both my coach (Dave Wenger) and Lance being back in town.  Its good to train with Lance and its not so good sometimes.  He always goes a little longer than you have planned. The one real good thing about training with Lance is you never have to stop. He has a follow car most of the time and you can always go back to the car and refuel with water and food. I think this gives a better race simulation and at the same time staying true to pure ride time.

DW: Since the State RR, what have you been doing to prepare for the Tour de Gruene?

JK: First of all is spend more time on the TT bike. The more saddle time you spend on it the more comfortable you become. For me it takes longer to get stretched out on it and settle in than I think most guys. […]

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The Right Fit with the Right Cranks

Looking into making a few bike changes over the fall months? Autumn is the perfect time to check up on your position on the bike since serious training is right around the corner and competition is far off, unless you’re heading up to ‘Cross Nats. Riders can ease into a new way of pedaling without a high training volume or threat of cramping in competition due to new neuromuscular firing patterns. Many of our bike fit customers are also looking into new gear for the next race season and want to make sure they get the right size bars, chainrings, frame, and cranks on their 2010 race gear.

Whoa, right size chainrings and cranks? Yes, right size cranks. Using 3-D motion capture (For Durata, that’s Retul), we are able to determine if the cranks on your existing bike are the right size for your bike. Not all riders of a 32” inseam or 72.5cm saddle height need the same length crank. Determining factors in getting the right length crank include:

* Femur Length
* Tibia Length
* Foot Length
* Knee angle at top and bottom of pedal stroke
* Knee distance from foot
* Modality. Road, CX, MTB, TT, Track, or Tri athlete? […]

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