Gavin Mannion

There are professional cyclists, and then there’s Gavin Mannion. Gavin likes to say he didn’t have a choice when it came to a career in cycling. Following his father’s cadence, Gavin has been engrossed in the competitive cycling scene since he was barely a teenager. He started out riding for CCB, just like his dad.

Later, while riding for Hot Tubes as a junior, Gavin got his first taste of international cycling. Since then, he has held positions on professional teams from Trek-Livestrong to UCI pro team Human Powered Health. Gavin was the champion of the 2017 and 2018 USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT) and 2018 Colorado Classic. His accomplishments also include European pro race wins and representing the United States at World Championships for cross and road.

Gavin’s career success is a testament to consistent training, nutritional knowledge, a dedicated routine, and extensive knowledge of the competitive cycling landscape. The current Coloradoan also knows a thing or two about altitude training and heat acclimation. As a contributor to TrainingPeaks, Gavin has written multiple articles on altitude-specific training, strength and mobility, and recovery. 

Coming up through U.S. junior cycling programs himself, Gavin has a unique interest in coaching junior and U23 riders through the earliest years of their careers. Though his interest lies with developing the next generation of top-level junior cyclists, he is most interested in working with athletes who are willing to put in the work to dial in their potential, whether a junior rider or masters cyclist.

Gavin understands the importance of balancing focused training with the simple pleasures of life, like daily hot cacao and post-meal dark chocolate.

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