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Will Rader's Mellow Classic Race Report

Will Rader is a 17 year old road, mountain, and cyclocross racer with the Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team while attaining the high marks at Highland Park High School. Fresh off a stellar finish to the 2009 road races season with strong performances at the Tour of Austin, the Texas State Road Race Championships, and the Piney Hills Classic as well as a huge solo win at the Downtown Denton Criterium, he’s marching towards Bend, OR for his first trip to CX nationals. If you’re heading up to Bend for the festivities December 11-13, be sure to say hi to Will and the Durata Training crew who will be hoping for sloppy conditions. Here’s Will’s account of the inaugural Mellow Classic-

“Starting on the very last row at the Mellow Johnny’s Classic wasn’t quite how I pictured having a great race in the big boy field. I new that it was gonna take some monster power to get around 50 other people to get a top 5 result like I really was hoping for, and from the start list thought was the goal i needed to shoot for. I had heard that they were calling people to the line for start placing based on the number plate and not just a free for all for the front row,  the latter of which I was hoping for. […]

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Break Out Performance, Kevin Fish at the Mellow Classic

17 year old Durata Training athlete Kevin Fish just finished a strong fourth place at the first Mellow Classic held at one of the most storied plots in Texas Hill Country, Lance Armstrong’s ranch near Dripping Springs. When Kevin is not banging on drums or keeping his blog, he’s an easy going high school senior with high hopes for the 2010 race season. Kevin has had a very consistent 2009 season which featured wins at Emma Long’s Revenge and Friedburg MTB Challenge. From Sea Otter to the USAC National Development Camp, Kevin’s performed best when it matters most, exuding his steel and confidence as his biggest strengths. He’s frequently been the top 17yo ride at many races, and kept that streak going last weekend. Let’s catch up with our podium finisher-


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Cyclist and Weight Training for Bone Health: Necessary or not?

In the past month or two I have seen a handful of articles written in cycling publications and coaches in the cycling community advocating the use of strength training in the “off season” (off season is a very poor choice of words, you’re either getting better or you’re not, I will use non competitive season hereafter) to combat bone loss. While there is not a body of evidence to suggest that strength training can improve endurance performance, it continues to be debated by cyclists, coaches and physiologists as to whether there is any cross over benefit. In my experience and through the research I have done I feel like the effects of weight training are very individual and must be considered on a case by case basis contingent upon each athletes goals, time commitments, pre-existing conditions, injury history, athletic development and extenuating factors. Additionally many reports suggest that low bone mass density (BMD) is a cause for a greater increase in fractures among cyclists, however this may not all together be true […]

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Field Test Your Way to Faster Racing

The triathlon season is winding to a close and the brutal temperatures of the summer seem to be easing up. For many of Austin’s endurance athletes this means their ambitions start to lean towards running events. The fall and winter months afford great opportunities to set new PRs, run your first marathon or simply build on the fitness that you’ve been working on over the last few months. In order to achieve a new PR or run a marathon it’s important to take stock of where you current fitness is so that you can make sure you’re setting appropriate goals and doing workouts at realistic paces

The best way to do this is by field testing. Field testing is basically an indicator workout used at the onset of a training program and throughout the season to measure your progression. It is also used to calculate the pacing range for your run workouts such as tempo, steady state, Fartlek, threshold and track workouts. To go out and do these kind of workouts without knowing where you pace should be is a recipe for injury and burnout. You should never begin a training program without establishing some sort of a benchmark for current fitness. If you don’t do that there’s no way to know if you’re getting any better!


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Recent Results!

Durata Athletes have not let the shorter days and cooler weather slow them down, if fact they’ve been flying out there in running events,  fat tire races and Ironman Triathlons […]

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