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Make the Treadmill Your Friend

It’s that time of year! Colder weather, dark mornings and some dark late afternoons. Depending upon where you live, the reasons can be lack of daylight, cold temperatures or simply convenience that force you to take to the so-called ‘dreadmill’. But, listen here, it does not have to be boring and monotonous! With a little bit of creativity, some good music to keep you going and a focused workout, you’ll find that you may even prefer (*gasp!*) the treadmill for certain workouts. So, push aside your loathing of the old treadmill and listen up on how you can use it to help improve your running.




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Athlete Results!

Durata Athletes have not let the holiday season slow them down. This weekend we saw DT’ers putting up results all over the world!

Kim Wilson – 1st in Womens 35-39 AG, 51:24 @  Spicewood Vineyards 10K, Spicewood TX.

Arnie Lachner – 2nd in Mens 50-59 AG @ Woodside Trail Run 10K, Woodside, CA – 1100 ft. elevation […]

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Base is a Waste!

If you’ve spent any time around the Durata Training coaches chatting about training and racing I really hope (for your sake) that you did not talk about doing “base training”. Because if you did you probably saw us pull out a soap box from the nearest stand of scrub brush and enthusiastically articulate all the reasons you were wasting your time. This time of year cyclists, runners and triathletes start talking about doing base work. How they need to go out and spend significant amounts of time at very low intensities. When pressed about why they need to do this the responses range from “I need to build my aerobic engine and build mitochondria on long easy rides” to “If you go too hard early in the season you may burst blood vessels in your eyes” (I really did hear this once).  […]

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Super Squadra Cycling Clinics, Jan 10, 16, or 17

Super Squadra Cycling Camps

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